Dubai: Here’s why property prices will continue to rise in 2024

Rise in foreign fund inflows fuels a surge in the rally along with tenants turning into property ownership, and availability of ready-to-move-in properties, among others.   Property prices rally in Dubai will continue next year, but the pace will slow down compared to 2023, with a growth rate of up to 10 percent projected on the back of strong demand from residents, investors, and high-net-worth...

Dubai landlords give tenants even 12-month notices to leave, and then they charge them extra rent.

Yes, these extended notices are being issued by landlords and property owners as a result of Dubai's extraordinary demand for developed property. These property owners/sellers want to make sure that after a contract is signed with the new buyer/tenant, they won't have to wait around for the property to be vacated by giving 12-month notices. Due to the high demand, villas in Dubai that are "empty on...

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